Clap On/Clap Off

You’ve always been very animated with your arms and hands, often banging them on things, shaking them about, or recently, hitting your hands together. Usually your hands were in fists, and you’d bump the little fists together. Recently you’ve been opening your right hand and hitting it into your closed left fist. Over the past few days we’ve been showing you how to clap, either demonstrating with our own hands or holding your own little hands in ours and going through the motion. Your Grandma Stephans has been working on it with you while they’ve been here. Today was one of the first times I’ve seen you really observe something with intense focus, wait a few seconds, then copy. Your Grandma would clap, and a few seconds later, you’d repeat. At first I thought the timing was just coincidental, but it happened over and over again – your Grandma clapping, you pausing, and then you clapping. And it was a real, both hands open, palms facing each other, clap. This soon became your new focus of the day, and you did it over and over and over. When we laid you in your crib tonight and watched you from the baby monitor, you lay in your crib, clapping your little hands over and over. I wondered if you’d ever get to sleep, but you eventually clapped yourself to sleep.

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