Birthday and a New Baby

Today we went over to Liz and John’s for the fourth birthday party of their daughter, Mia. There were lots of little ones there, most of them between the ages of two and four. You seemed enthralled watching the chaos around you. We gave you your first balloon, but you didn’t seem very interested in it. Our friend Katie was at the party too, and we got to meet her four-week old daughter, Lucette, for the first time. You didn’t seem very interested in her for most of the afternoon. But at one point you and she were both laying on the ground, and she started making sounds, and you started babbling back to her, and it was just like you were having a conversation. You crawled over to her and wanted to grab onto her and check her out. You were so curious to know all about her.

Your First Balloons

Mia, Katie and baby Lucette

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