You’ve Got to Crawl Before you Can Walk

Today the old adage ‘you’ve got to crawl before you can walk’ was enumerated for us at the PT/OT appointment. You’ve been trying to stand for weeks. Even at our last appointment, over a month ago, you were arching your back, leaning into us, and trying to stand rather than stay in the sit position we were trying to place you in. At that time the doctors encouraged us to try and continue having you sit, rather than give into you standing and supporting your stand. We’ve dutifully been working on sitting, and you are great at it now, able to sit without any support and virtually no bobbles. Over the past few weeks you’ve been army crawling, but you haven’t taken off and perfected it like I thought you would. Your focus still seems to be on wanting to stand. You try to pull yourself up on the Exercauser, on the piano, and even in the bathtub.

Today the doctor said that some kids basically skip crawling and go straight to walking, and that you are showing tendencies towards that. But she indicated that crawling is very important developmentally. We were given instructions on things to work on with you to encourage you to crawl, and she also said we should not use the Exercauser as much. So, for now we’ll work on playing with you on the ground, putting you in crawl position, and encouraging you to move to your toys across the room.

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