A Wonderful Welcome Home

When I get off the bus in the afternoon and am walking across the street my pace quickens and I anxiously crane my neck around the corner to see if I can spot you. Most days you and your nana sit on the front step and wait for me to get home. It’s usually hot out and you’re sitting patiently in the shade anticipating my arrival. Today you had a hat and jacket on, but you were still happily waiting for me. When I come into sight your nana announces my arrival, and I say hello, and you look for and give me a big smile when you’ve found me approaching. It is the highlight of my day and the best welcome home anyone could ask for.

This evening your nana stayed and watched the Broncos’ game with us. We dressed you in the Broncos’ dress that Katie gave you yesterday, and you fit right in with the rest of us in our gear. Unfortunately, you had to go to bed by the time the game started. And also unfortunately, the Broncos lost.

Ready for the game

Go Broncos!

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