Quite the Wardrobe

We’re so fortunate in that we’ve been given literally hundreds of articles of clothes (and shoes and socks and hats, too) for you from friends who have little girls older than you. Before you were born I sorted through everything that I had at the time, categorizing them into newborn girl clothes and newborn gender-neutral clothes, and then binning the rest by size (0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc). We had clothes through roughly 12 months. But over the last few months our clothes stash has grown to include clothes through size 3 years. As you’ve quickly grown through sizes, I’ve had a hard time keeping up and staying organized. I’ve been relegating outgrown clothes to bags in the garage, and hand-me-downs that we keep receiving also get dropped in the garage. All this has resulted in a huge mess of boxes, bags, and Rubbermaid bins filled with clothes in no particular order at all. Your dad was getting frustrated by the seemingly endless supply of clothes that I was randomly depositing in the garage, and I was overwhelmed with constantly trying to find bigger clothes for you while pulling too-small clothes out of circulation in your current wardrobe.

Then, I had the perfect solution – your nana. She loves all of the little girl clothes, and even has a large supply of baby clothes that she’s collected over the years. Some of them are dear favorites of mine from when I was a little girl; others are clothes that were just too cute to resist that she’s bought for her doll collection. So I asked her if she’d mind helping me by sorting through all of the clothes, organizing them by size, and adding some sanity to the chaos. She was so excited that she agreed immediately, and undertook this mission today. Every once in awhile she’d come into my office and show me something she’d found that was just too adorable to pack away without first celebrating it. And then a couple of times she came in with you dressed in one of the new finds. She was having the time of her life, and you didn’t seem to mind playing dress up with her.

Trying on clothes with nana. Thanks for the hat and gloves, Aunt Gretchen and Cousin Alex!

About mid-morning I came out from my office to grab some water and I think every surface in the living room was covered in a pile of clothes. It was a huge mess. But by the end of the day she had put all the outgrown clothes, organized by size, into appropriately-marked bags. She’d grouped the clothes that were still too big for you, with the largest on the bottom and the ones that you’ll be wearing soon on top, and put them into a big Rubbermaid bin. She had a bag of items that were well-worn and loved and a bit past their prime to be donated to Goodwill. She also had a big pile of clothes to launder, clothes that are either perfect for you now or will be soon.

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