We’ve still been dutifully introducing new foods every four days or so. We’ve yet to find one you don’t like. The latest was apples, which we were fairly certain you’d love due to their sweetness and your fondness of pears. And true to our prediction, you gobbled them right up. The doctor suggested that we could even hand you a large slice of apple and let you suck and chew on it. Now that we know you’re not allergic to apples, we’ll definitely do this, especially when we’re out at a restaurant and need something to keep you occupied. I can’t wait to see what you think of your first apple slice.

Every time we give you a bite of food, whether it’s something I’d generally consider yummy (pears, apples, avocados) or something that I’d prefer to not stick in my mouth (peas, rice cereal), you make a soft little ‘ummmmmm’ sound while you’re eating it. You do this with every single bite, without fail. And it gets me every time. It is the cutest thing in the world. Ummmmmm.

We’ve been feeding for many weeks now using the hard plastic, molded chair that we were given. It has a tray on it and provides some support to you, which was perfect as you were still perfecting the art of sitting. It’s worked great for feeding you, though it’s not the most stable and it’s not meant to be used on raised surfaces, like countertops. So we’ve needed to get you a highchair, and we’ve been spending some time researching them and trying to determine which would be best.

Finally last week we decided on one, ordered it and your dad put it together last night when it arrived. We used it tonight for the first time to feed you and you seemed pretty happy with your new seat. It has a little rest for your feet and a nice big tray for you to pound on. You liked looking around and got a swift hand on the watering can sitting on a ledge behind you, but thankfully it was empty. We’ve now repositioned the highchair so that you can’t reach anything else.

Ready for ‘ummmmm’ in the highchair

Our house is still in a bit of a state of disarray from all the clothes sorting. When I came out this morning your dad was helping organize the hat and sock and accessory drawer, and so were you. You were sitting in it, with a too-small hat sitting on your head and a big smile on your face. You were busily looking through everything in the drawer. It was a priceless moment.

Busy busy

Fun in a drawer

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