Hungry Girl

For almost two full months you’ve been sleeping through the night. We put you down between 7 and 8 pm, and you sleep until 6 or 7 am. Except for the last few days. You’re now waking up in the middle of the night, around 4 am, for a feeding. You nurse and then quickly go back to sleep. We’re again experimenting with different things to see if anything helps you sleep through the night again. Your nana and papa suggested that you’re probably cold, since the weather has shifted and it is much colder at night, yet you’re sleeping in the same thin pajamas you’ve worn all summer. So we started doubling up your pajamas. But that didn’t prove to be the problem; even with two pajamas on, you’re still waking in the middle of the night.

I wonder if you’re just hungry since you have become so mobile and active during the days. I’m trying to really feed you well and get you filled up before bedtime, but so far nothing is satiating you enough to get you through the night. Previously, we had been giving you one serving of solid food and then nursing you before bed. Now we’re giving you a serving of food, some rice cereal, and nursing you. But alas, you’re still waking. For now I’m taking in comfort in the fact that you’re happy and healthy and growing like crazy, that you go to sleep immediately after I nurse you in the middle of the night, and that in wee hours of the morning you are sleepy and snuggly, which is not a very common occurrence during the days.

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