Looking More Like Your Mama

This afternoon we were all invited to attend a party at the house of one of dad’s co-workers. The party was for everyone that your dad works with. We had lots of fun meeting new people and seeing those that we’d previously met at other events. There were lots of babies there, and it was neat to see and compare you to those that were lots younger or older. You did great at the party, falling asleep for awhile and even letting a few strangers hold you. One person even commented how much you look like me. For probably your first six months or so I literally did not hear one comment from people mentioning that you looked like me. Everyone proclaimed your likeness to your father. But over the last couple of months I’ve been hearing more and more statements that people think you look like me. I don’t think that you’ve changed much in how you look, though you’ve definitely filled out a bit and you have the cutest, round cheeks now. But apparently to others, you’re now at least partially resembling me. I don’t know who you most resemble, but I know that you are 100% adorable.

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