Go Buffs

We took you to your first CU football game today. CU requires that even infants have paid tickets. We have season tickets, but we only have two seats. Therefore, your nana was going to watch you today while we went to the game. As we were getting ready for the game, our neighbor came over and mentioned that she could get us two tickets from a friend. We were so excited to take you to your first game, and your nana was going to join us. It took us awhile to get out of the house, so we were a little late to the game. The plan was that your dad and you would go in the game and meet up with our neighbor to get the tickets, then your dad would come give them to your nana and I so we could get in. Your dad decided to test the ‘even infants must have a ticket rule’ and handed the ticket guy only one ticket. And you guys got in!

Having fun with nana at the CU game

Then, your dad walked half way around the stadium to where the neighbors were supposed to be sitting, and couldn’t find them. He couldn’t reach them on their phones, and was so frustrated and upset, thinking that we were all there but didn’t have enough tickets for us to get in. So he walked back around the field to where nana and I were waiting outside the gate, and handed us the two tickets, one of which he’d already used, thinking that we might as well try to get in since we were all there. I handed one to your nana and said ‘well, one of us won’t be able to get in’ and we just walked to the gates without a real plan. It turned out your nana had the already-used ticket, and the ticket checker could not figure out what was going on. I just walked through and stood with you and your dad, and your nana somehow was able to convince the guy to let her in. So we all went in and took our seats for your first CU game. You did pretty good, just looking around for a bit, then playing on the floor next to our feet for awhile. Around halftime you fell asleep. We left shortly thereafter since CU wasn’t doing well and so that we could get you to bed. But all in all we had fun adventures at the game.

Go Buffs – first touchdown!

All worn out

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