Eight Months Old

You are three quarters of a year old today. You are as active and happy as ever. You still prefer to army crawl your way around, but you have really picked up the pace and make great time getting wherever you want to go. You enjoy exploring the house, opening cabinets and drawers, crawling under things, and playing with doors (moving them back and forth). You’re working on standing. You are still a really good sleeper at night, a great eater and an open-minded consumer of new foods. You smile big when you see yourself in the mirror, when you see someone you love, or when we make you happy by doing something silly. When you are most happy you wiggle your arms and shake them like you just can’t contain the excitement, and you sometimes also shriek with joy. We are having so much fun with you, and we really do do anything in our power to solicit a smile or giggle.

Eight months old today!

Always moving

You are getting so active that your monthly birthday pictures are getting harder and harder to capture. I still try to lie you down in the crib to catalog the moment, but each month the pictures get blurrier and blurrier as you show off your ability to move. I tried to capture you standing, since this is your newest move, but it’s hard to get a picture because you don’t stay standing for long before you tumble over into our waiting hands.

“Look ma, I can stand with my eyes closed!”

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