Snow is Back

Today we woke up to snow and I couldn’t have been more excited. Winter is my favorite season. Your dad mentioned that this was the first time you’d seen snow, and I corrected him by reminding him that you’ve seen snow lots this past spring. You were born in the midst of a huge snowstorm, and of course there were some storms from February through May. We’ve also taken you hiking and snowshoeing in the snow.

But, of course, you haven’t really played or experienced the snow much. I wonder what you’ll think of it this winter when we get you all bundled up and take you out to play. It’s amazing to think that you’ll be running (or walking at least) through it in just a few short months! The snowsuit that we bought last winter isn’t going to work for these occasions; it doesn’t even have holes for feet. When I bought it I didn’t think ahead to the fact that you’d be walking and ready to play in the snow. But it will be perfect for when we carry you for snowshoeing or hikes.

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