Crazy Baby Sales

This morning your nana and I went to a large sale for all things baby-related. Based on all the promotion of the sale ahead of time I imagined it would be pretty big and chaotic, but I had no idea exactly what to expect. Well it really was impressive with the quantity of things for sale and people running around trying to find items. I was so thankful your nana was with me. People had brought big laundry baskets or bags to put items in, but we weren’t that well prepared. Your nana resourcefully saw a large baby tub for sale and grabbed it for us to use to hold our items. Even with that we were struggling to contain all of our finds and to move them around.

I had really hoped to find you some puzzles and toys, and beyond that wasn’t looking for anything else specific. There were a ton of clothes, but you’re pretty much set there. I did pick up a sweater and a jacket and your nana bought you a cute dress. I also got a float with a sunshade for use on our trip to Costa Rica. But our biggest score was in the toy department. We got many smaller toys and two big toys, including the ‘award-winning’ zebra, Ryan. We put about half of the toys away so that we can rotate them in and put away some of your current toys in a week or two. But you immediately got to play with Ryan, and you enjoyed crawling up on him, playing with his many features, and even pulling yourself up on him to stand. I think he’s already your buddy.

In the afternoon we went to several studios as part of Boulder’s Open Studios. It’s one of your nana’s favorite events, and she’s come out several years to attend. We had lots of fun going to people’s houses and studios to see their artwork. You slept for a little bit and were very happy the rest of the time, observing all the people and art around you. A couple of the artists expressed their pleasure that we were introducing you to art at such a young age.

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