I returned home from my trip today with great anticipation of seeing you. There were babies on my flight and on the bus home, and so I was constantly hearing them and thinking of you. When I walked in you saw me, smiled, and shook your arms over and over, around and around, with excitement. I grabbed you and tried to hold you close, and you almost immediately tried to straighten your legs to a standing position. You were standing on my hip with your bottom out in the air and your top half being held close to me by my arms. It was an awkward position and I kept trying to bring you in and hold you next to my side, in standard baby-carrying position, with your legs on either side of my hip. You kept trying to stand. I actually was having a rather hard time holding you as you kept trying to do this so I set you down and you immediately scrambled to grab on to me and you pulled yourself up. This is definitely the new move that you’re working on perfecting.

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