Brett and Kyle in Town

Your Uncle Brett and Cousin Kyle are in town, and they came over this afternoon to see you. I was working in my office and the nanny was watching you when they arrived. She came back to let me know you’d all arrived and I came out here excited to see them. They didn’t even acknowledge me; they were so excited to see you.

Kyle hadn’t seen you since the Fourth of July so he enjoyed seeing you crawl, roll around, sit up and try to stand. He is so gentle and sweet with you, and even held you and carried you. He likes all of your toys, and was always at the ready bringing you new toys or laying all of your toys around you.

This evening we all went to the CU game and your dad stayed home with you. But before we left we couldn’t resist taking a picture of all of us in our CU gear.

Ready for the CU black-out game

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