Pickin’ Pumpkins

For weeks now I’ve been looking forward to taking you to the pumpkin patch. We go every year, usually taking your furry brothers and letting them run around the fields while we search for the perfect pumpkins. It is one of few traditions that we’ve done for many years, and it’s one that I’ve envisioned doing with you for awhile. We bundled you up and headed there this evening. They had little wagons for us to use, and we placed you in one and wheeled it out to the field. You contentedly rode along, though I had to help you stay sitting up since it was so bumpy.

First wagon ride

Three pumpkins and my lil’ punkin

In the field you were intrigued by the spooky scarecrows scattered around, and we captured your awe perfectly in a picture with one of them.

Checking out the ghost

We left you in the wagon while we picked out some pumpkins, and you were happy just sitting there, taking in the view and eating the edge of the wagon. We picked out two big pumpkins and a little one for you. Last year we did the same, two big ones for us and a teeny tiny one for you. Next year I imagine that you’ll help us pick your own pumpkin.

Dad giving you a ride

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