Chatty and Strong

Your dad and I haven’t had many experiences with babies, and though at one time (not long ago!) that frightened me, now I relish our naiveté. Rather than comparing you to other babies, your actions are purely yours without the implications or impressions of relating your developments with others. There are things about you that I’ve registered and thought about, but never pondered much in relation to other babies.

Your dad and I have commented to each other many times that you have strong, coordinated legs that you like to move and kick a lot. You’re able to pick items up with your feet and bring them to your hands, something that you’ve been able to do for months. You’re able to stand for seemingly endless amounts of time, and when you’re the most upset you kick and kick and kick your legs. And even twelve months ago when you were in my belly, you seemed to be really active, making your presence known with what I assumed to be kicks. As more and more people call attention to your leg strength and coordination, we’re having fun imagining that all of this leg activity is a sign that you’re a budding soccer star.

You can even open cabinets with your legs!

Another noteworthy development is how vocal you are. You love to talk and babble away. Oftentimes when your dad walks you with the dogs in the morning you talk the entire time. And when we’re at home and you see something that interests you, you stare at it and tell me all about it. Even when you eat, with virtually every bite you make an ‘ummmm’ sound. I’d never pondered much how much you like to talk, but last weekend Uncle Brett commented on the fact that you’re very vocal compared to your Cousin Kyle. We’re sure having fun watching you grow and develop, and learning all about your unique personality.

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