Little Kewpie Doll

When I got home this afternoon I could tell immediately that your nana had been having fun with your hair. She’d put some water in it and created a big curl in the middle and on top of your head. I cannot deny that you looked pretty cute. She’s having so much fun playing with your hair, and is anxiously awaiting future days when you’ll have long locks to play with. You two will have endless fun playing dress up and discovering new ways to do your hair. But so far she’s been a little limited.

Nice hair!

Your hair tends to fall to the right, and that’s how I usually sweep it so it’s out of your face. One day when I got home she’d parted your hair down the middle, but also created bangs. You looked so goofy. She’s also tried to put a barrette in your hair, but to no avail since your hair is too short and fine to contain it. Today she told me how she used to tape little yarn bows in my hair when I was little. When I asked how she got the bow out without hurting me by pulling out my hair, she nicely said that I didn’t have very much hair and it wasn’t really a problem. I think that’s why she’s having so much fun playing with your hair!

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