Missing My Snuggle Buddy

You aren’t much of a snuggler anymore. I remember back in those first few months you’d fall asleep on me more often than not. At that time you fell asleep virtually every time I nursed you, and in fact I’d have to work to try and keep you awake to ensure you’d get a good feeding. I remember that before I’d feed you and hunker down on the couch, I’d gather up everything I might need for the next hour or so (phone, remote control, water all nearby) and then I’d nurse you. Inevitably you’d fall asleep and I had neither the desire nor the willpower to move you off of me and place you down in your bed. You’d sleep on me for literally hours a day.

Snuggles in the early days

Now you are so active that I can barely contain you. Often when I try to hold you to me you wiggle and squirm so much that I have to put you down for fear of dropping you. The only time that you are snuggly is when you are very sleepy. Therefore it is almost me exclusively who still gets some snuggle time with you. When I nurse you at night or before naptimes you either fall asleep while I’m holding you or else you’re so relaxed that you let me hold you and rock you while we read a book together. I certainly relish this quiet time together and I know these moments will become less and less frequent as you continue to grow and become more active and independent.

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