Can I Have a Different Seat?

This afternoon we officially became ‘those people’ on the plane with a super fussy baby. The flight was at the time of your nap and so I’d hoped that you’d nurse and then fall asleep, but instead you nursed and then became unable to fall asleep and, therefore, really fussy. The seatbelt sign seemed to be on for three-quarters of the flight, and so I wasn’t able to just get up and walk around with you, which I’m sure would’ve helped you settle. By the time the seatbelt sign did come off, you’d finally fallen asleep. But not before the lady sitting next to us asked to move seats. When we landed and were waiting to get off the plane, a woman in the row in front of us made the comment, “At least we know she has healthy lungs.” I cannot dispute that.

During the flight

After we landed in Chicago, Ann Marie picked us up and drove us to the hotel. We arrived right when grandma and grandpa arrived, and they were being welcomed by Uncle Denny, Aunt Nancy and Cousin Kim. We all had some appetizers and drinks, and everyone was so happy to finally get to meet you. Nancy and Kim had bought you some toys, and even though you were fussy and sleepy on the drive there, you seemed to find your second wind once the toys came out; you played and crawled and let everyone hold you. It’s so nice to be here in Chicago with everyone from your dad’s side of the family.

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