Girl’s Day

Today your dad golfed and you and I had a girl’s day with Ann Marie. We went for a nice walk, did some shopping, had lunch, and took you to a playground. You were not interested in the equipment, and in fact you barely even enjoyed the soft, cushy surface, and instead focused your attention on picking up rocks and leaves. You also enjoyed watching all the kids running about. I did manage to take you down the slide and it was your first ride down a big kid’s slide. You seemed impartial about it.

Fun with leaves

Ann makes you smile!

This evening your dad and I attend Kim’s rehearsal dinner and Ann Marie watched you; this was the first time we’ve left you with someone other than nana and papa or the nannies. She had lots of fun playing with you, and I think you had lots of fun with her too. She loves you so much and I know she really enjoys getting to spend time with you. And she is so great with kids; she’s creative and goofy, smart and patient. We’ll have to figure out a way for her to babysit more often!

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