First Halloween

I suppose it’s silly, because I know you’re too young to relish in the excitement of this holiday, but I’ve been looking forward to Halloween for weeks. I couldn’t wait to put you in your elephant costume and take you out. What exactly we would do with you once you were in your costume was a point of contention for your dad and I. He thought it’d be best to stay home and have you help pass out candy; this would enable you to stay warm and be able to play or crawl around at your leisure. But we hardly ever get trick-or-treaters, and so his plan would result in nothing more than a dressed-up normal evening at home. I wanted to go out, either trick-or treating around the neighborhood or to one of the planned community events. In the end we did the latter, attending the Munchkin Masquerade on Pearl Street Mall with Greg, Kristen, and Isla-as-a-cat.

Emma and Isla = Elephant and Cat

Elephant eating leaf

It was so fun. You love people watching and you just seemed so interested by all of the people – adults and kids alike – in so many different costumes. We loved seeing the originality of the costumes, and were especially impressed by the families with themed costumes. I noted to Kristen that I was proud of us for having gotten you and Isla dressed up and to the event; I couldn’t even imagine having the energy to imagine and create costumes for the family. Maybe next year; if I start brainstorming now I think I can pull it off.

Family fun on Halloween

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