Three Bumps!!

You’ve already had a fair share of minor spills, dating months back to that first time you surprised us both by rolling over from your belly to your back before either you or I could cushion your head from the floor. As you became more proficient at rolling, and then at sitting and now at standing your falls occur less and less frequently. Now, you almost never fall over from a sitting position. The one exception is when you get really excited you wave your arms and hands about, so vigorously that on numerous times you’ve knocked yourself over.

In the past two months you’ve become very adept at pulling yourself to standing and at getting yourself back down to sitting. I can’t ever recall seeing you fall while learning this, though I’m sure you have. But today, you fell and knocked your head not once or twice, but three times. And all three times resulted in a bump on your head! I cannot believe that to date you’ve made it this far (thank goodness) without any bumps or bruises, and then today you’ve ended up with three. I assume that you’re trying to take steps or to begin your first independent standing, free of support. Regardless, it’s so alarming to see you so distraught and actually injured, that I hope you quickly get through whatever phase you’ve just entered.

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