Music Class

Yesterday Rachel watched both Isla and you at our house. Kristen, Isla’s mom, and I decided to take you to your first music class yesterday afternoon. So I drove you both there and you both fell asleep on the way. I was a little conflicted because I’d been so excited to take you to the class, but I also wanted you to sleep. Luckily, I didn’t have to make any decisions because you woke up right when we arrived.


Ready to head to music class

We walked into the house and it was filled with kids and adults, musical instruments and singing, and the cheerful babble of children and babies. It was so fun to watch you take it all in; you were enthralled watching everyone. Right away someone handed us a drum and we banged on it together, but you were more interested in just watching everyone else. You seemed to really like the class and I’m excited to take you again.

First music class

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