Children’s Museum

We’re having so much fun participating in activities with you and taking you to new places. I’d seen an add for a Children’s Museum up here in Breckenridge and we took you today. It is such a perfect place for you. The museum is obviously designed for a wide range of ages, but many of the activities can be tailored for you – arts and crafts with some help, puppet show put on by me and your father for you, slide into the Bear Cave where your dad caught you and played with you – and there’s also a tot corner with games perfect for you. We were there for at least a couple of hours, and we all had so much fun watching you. You just played and played and played, never once getting fussy. This museum is free for children under 1 year and for seniors, so your nana and papa are excited to take you here this winter while your dad and I ski. So fun!

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