Calm Amid Chaos

Shortly after we arrived at your aunt and uncle’s house this evening we sat you down in the middle of their living room and you were immediately surrounded by your three cousins. They were talking excitedly and proudly tossing toy after toy your way; they’d gathered a whole bin of age-appropriate toys for you and they were anxious to show them all to you. The noise level kept escalating in proportion to their excitement, and the new toys being doled out seemed infinite. I sat and watched your reaction to all of this activity, and you were calm, composed, and curious. You just sat and watched and took in all of the chaos. Never once did you seem overwhelmed or shy, scared or unhappy. I am so proud of your ability to handle new situations so well, and to assess them with an open and curious mind. This is a part of your temperament that I hope you never loose; it will serve you well throughout life.

See, calm amidst the chaos.

See, calm amid the chaos.

Taking it all in

Taking it all in

Watching Grandpa open birthday presents with your cousins

Watching Grandpa open birthday presents with your cousins

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