I am infinitely thankful for you, for our little family that you helped define. For your perfection, your sweetness, your smiles and giggles, your energy and curiosity, your health, and your unwavering love.

I’m thankful for your father, his constant support, his great cooking, his humor, his brown eyes that he gave to you.

I’m thankful for your two sets of grandparents who are wonderful examples of love and commitment – in love decades after their relationships began – and who love you boundlessly. I’m thankful for the abundance of uncles and aunts and cousins that you’re blessed to have, who create an extended web of love and support. And I’m thankful for the multitude of friends surrounding us, at locations near and far, friends who offer support and encouragement, laughs and love.

I’m thankful for the continued health of friends and family.

And I’m so grateful to have a job that I enjoy, a home filled with everything we could need and more in a city that is ideal.

In short, I’m thankful for this life I’ve been given.

Gobble Gobble

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