Best. New Years Eve. Ever.

You created one of the best New Year’s Eve memories for me ever. Probably not for your dad though. Not a traditional NYE-type memory of raucous craziness and partying all night long, but it was even more memorable.

One of us still always bathes with you since you’re so active in the tub. Tonight was your dad’s turn. While you two were in there I was sitting in the bathroom chatting with your dad, and we were talking about how a) you hadn’t gone poop in a day or so and b) how it’d be pretty entertaining if you went potty in the tub. About that time your dad had his hands around your tummy and he felt you pushing, and you pooped! In the tub! He was justifiably shocked and disgusted, uncertain what to do, and I was laughing hysterically. Finally I pulled myself together and told him to hand you to me while he drained the tub and cleaned it out.

Even a full hour after the incident, when you were falling asleep in my arms before I put you down for the night, I had a smirk on my face that I just couldn’t wipe away. Thank you for bringing us so much joy and laughter, constantly shepherding us through new and crazy (although not always sought-after) experiences, and helping us ring in the New Year in such an entertaining way.

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