Playin’ Around

Today was a fun day with lots of play adventures. This morning your dad and I took you to Gym Jam at the rec center. I’d never been with you before and it was neat to see you lay with all the toys and other kids. You happily played, observed, toddled and crawled around for almost two hours. We walk there and back from our house, and it’s perfect because you nap on the way home.

On the go at Gym Jam

On the go at Gym Jam

This afternoon my friend Erik and his daughter Freja came over. We saw her and her grandmother at the library a couple weeks ago, but you haven’t had a play date with her in months. You two play really well together, and we plan to get you together more often. At one point you two were both pushing the walker together; it was good teamwork. You each liked to watch the other one, you even watched her intently for a bit while you were both pushing the walker.

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