Meeting More Relatives

Your dad and I skied today and nana and papa kept an eye on you. They had so much fun playing with you, escorting you around and around and around the house as you explored, and feeding you. Your papa asked if we were sure we wanted to come back from skiing so soon; clearly he wanted more time with you. We had found some areas of not-too-bad snow and so we happily obliged and skied for a little longer.

This evening your nana’s cousin, Liz, and her husband, Jim, came over for dinner. They brought you a little bouncy car. You sit on it and when you apply pressure to the seat the little ball underneath pushes a sound maker and a variety of noises are emitted. You’re a little too tiny to be able to sit on it and push it yourself. But we can push you and you’ve also (of course) discovered that you can walk alongside it. I told your dad that we’re going to need a parking lot of walkers and cars at home for you. These are some of your favorite toys because they help you explore while standing up – your favorite activity.

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