I Want my Baby Back

I miss my easy-going, happy-go-lucky, sleeping through the night baby. You’re sick with something and you’ve had a rough couple of days. Last night you hardly slept. I laid you in your crib and you slept for a few minutes, but quickly started tossing and turning and then crying. We kept trying to rock you and get you settled, and you just cried and cried. Finally, we brought you to bed with us and you kept tossing and turning and crying. I’d rock you or hold you, try to lay you on my chest, anything to get you to settle. You’d sleep for a few minutes then wake up crying. We took your temperature and you didn’t have a fever. We didn’t know what to do, but we were really worried. Around midnight you started sleeping in larger chunks of time, for one to two hours.

This morning you woke up and you were in a fairly normal mood, perhaps a little bit fussy, but nothing too out of the norm. We headed to downtown Breck to see the snow sculptures. You were bundled up and in the carrier and happily looked and babbled as we walked around. We met up with my parents and Liz and Jim for breakfast, and you slept for most of the meal. After that we headed off for a snowshoe. We’ve been putting you in the backpack and you really seem happy back there. Today you were so content and comfortable that you fell asleep! I couldn’t believe it; you were babbling and seemingly wide awake for about 98% of the time, and then right when we were almost to the car you fell asleep. I guess the snowshoe wore you out!

Tonight at bedtime you were inconsolable. We rocked and held and comforted you, but you would not settle, and you were crying really hard. We tried to bring you into our bed and lie with you, just like we had last night, and that didn’t work. You still didn’t have a fever, but we didn’t know what to do. You have never cried so hard for so long. Finally I suggested that maybe we should head back to Boulder, thinking that maybe the drive would settle you and help you sleep. Your dad agreed and we quickly packed up and left. You started screaming and flexing your back and it was a battle to get you into the carseat. You were so upset and it is so hard to see you like that; I started crying too. Finally we got on the road. I sat with you in the back and the minute you got in the car you were content. You started babbling and sticking your tongue in and out and making a funny repeating sound – blahbla, blahbla, blahbla – and you did that virtually the entire way home! We were so surprised because the drive lasted from about 9:30 to 11 pm. You were surely exhausted. When we got home I nursed you, you feel soundly asleep, and you’ve been asleep for awhile now. Hopefully you’ll sleep well tonight.

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