First Stamp

You got your first stamp in your passport today – from Costa Rica. We had an overnight flight and you did great, sleeping the entire time. Your sleep was fitful, but you were able to stretch out across your father and I and (attempt) to get comfortable. The flight went surprisingly quickly for me and I was so happy with how well it went. We made it through customs and got our car with no issue. We changed you into a dress (it was hot in San Jose) and grabbed a quick bite before heading to the coast. In the diner where we ate was a little ceramic man whom you loved, and the workers loved you and were talking to you in Spanish. You looked at them all inquisitively.

We drove to our hotel in Herradura, on the Pacific coast, and you slept the entire way. It was very hot and humid, probably in the mid-90s. We immediately changed into our bathing suits and went for a swim. We’d bought a flotation device that you sit in and that has a shade canopy, and you were content in that. Around noon we were able to get into our hotel room and we all took a great, long, luxurious nap.

Loving your floatie

Loving your floatie

Afterward we walked to the marina in search of food.
Walk to the marina through a tunnel of trees

Walk to the marina through a tunnel of trees

We ended up at a little coffee shop that we’d never tried before, and both your dad and I ordered the special: pasta with seafood. I also got a smoothie. You loved both! We were so glad to see you eating so well, and your dad tried to make a mental note of the ingredients in the pasta so he could replicate it at home. We grabbed some snacks and water from the market and headed back to the hotel for more swimming. It was a great first day of vacation.
Yummy spaghetti!

Yummy spaghetti!

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