Some moments in life are pure perfection, blissful memories that I wish could last forever. Tonight we went to a hotel high up on a hill to watch the sunset over the Pacific. You fell asleep for most of the sunset (waking in time for some sleepy pictures), but the views were beautiful.

Sleeping through sunset

Sleeping through sunset

Beautiful Costa Rican sunset over the Pacific

Beautiful Costa Rican sunset over the Pacific

Family sunset shot

Family sunset shot

Afterward we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, an open-aired restaurant in the marina right next to the hotel. You enjoyed dining on sweet potato fries, and then quickly grew antsy. Your dad and I alternated between eating and walking around with you. The image of your dad and you, both dressed up for the nice dinner, walking back and forth on the grass, you sometimes walking unassisted and sometimes gripping onto one finger of your dad’s, with the lights of the marina glistening off the water, is perfection. I wish I had a camera, and of course did not, but the image will forever be in my mind. You were so happy and proud of your newfound skill. Your dad was so patient and cute walking along next to you. It was such an idyllic, perfect moment.


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