Seeking Foods that You’ll Eat

I’m always on the hunt for foods that you’ll like, and today while we were at the grocery store I figured we’d peruse the isles and see what new foods we could find for you to try. I think I did pretty good, coming home with: strawberry/banana smoothie, chocolate almond butter, fruit leather, seaweed, and squeeze-pack yogurt. I was so excited when you really liked the seaweed, thinking I’d finally found something healthy that you liked. While you were eating it this evening I asked your dad to look at the calories and he informed me that the seaweed that you’d been scarfing down had a measly three calories a sheet! You’d packed away three sheets, but that was only nine calories; you probably burned that much just wiggling and kicking your legs while sitting in your highchair eating the seaweed. Ugh.

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