Show Off

Well, unfortunately you brought home one unwanted souvenir: ringworm. We noticed two little circles on your arm last night, and took you to the doctor this morning where our (Google-driven) prognosis was confirmed. Luckily it’s not that big of a deal. The doctor gave us some lotion and that ought to take care of it.

This afternoon your nana and papa came over; they were anxious to see you. Since our flight was so delayed on Thursday you were sound asleep when they picked us up from the airport, so they didn’t get to interact with you, and most disappointing to them, they didn’t get to witness your walking. Well you were so happy to see them, and you knew that you were the center of attention. You practically put on a little show. You did great walking for them, and you were so silly and giggly and fun. Then we all went to eat at The Sink. Your nana and papa ate there when they were in high school and college, and it was so fun to take you there for the first time. You got pretty antsy, so we walked around a lot. You loved the jukebox.

First time at the Sink.

First time at the Sink.

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