Blow Your Nose

You *hate* getting your nose wiped or cleaned. We even bought a new device to use instead of the bulb syringe for cleaning out your nose, but you still do not like it. You know what it means when we take out the bottle of saline and you start flailing and screaming. One of us has to hold your hands down while the other one works on your nose. It is just awful. You’re not as bad with simply getting your nose wiped with a Kleenex, but still you resist.

But this evening I got home from work and your nana said you had a new trick. I was holding you and we were talking, and soon after you sneezed. Nana said ‘oh, Emma, you need to wipe your nose’ and handed you a box of Kleenex (it was a pink box with Disney characters that she’d brought over just for you). You promptly pulled out a Kleenex from the box and wiped your nose! And you were happy about it! I couldn’t believe it. I’d told your nana recently that I’d read that kids aren’t able to learn to blow their noses until about three years old, and I think this fact didn’t sit well with your nana. She couldn’t imagine going through all this trouble of making you so upset every time we needed to clean out your nose (for the next two years). So she taught you how to do it yourself!

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