Nice Little Diner

This evening we went out for a nice dinner with nana and papa to the Chop House. At the start of the meal we were talking about how you’re so active at mealtime (and all the time) that you just don’t want to seem to sit still long enough to eat. More often than not you put up a fuss when we put you in your highchair. Your papa was saying that we just need to keep working with you and eventually you’ll understand that when we put you in your highchair it means it’s time to eat. We told him it’s not quite that easy.

Well, before the meal I walked around outside a bit with you. Then as we were having drinks and appetizers you took turns on each of our laps as we tried to keep you happy and delay what we thought was your inevitable unhappiness at being put in the highchair. Finally when our meals came we put you into your highchair and each gave you little bites of our meals. And you sat and ate and did wonderfully. It was so great to eat a nice meal out with you and to have you sit there and eat with us; often one of us has to accompany you on walks around the restaurant while the other eats. We think you must’ve been listening to us talk and wanted to show everyone how good of an eater you can be.

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