Always a Helper

Your dad and I (mostly your dad) are trying to organize the garage and put things we don’t use under the house. Today he was working on the crawl space and I was working on organizing your clothes that you’ve outgrown into bins. I had two bins and was trying to sort the clothes by size. You were on the floor verifying that everything I put into the bins really belonged there. You’d take out items as I’d put them in. Some you’d inspect and put back in, some you’d throw to the floor, and some you’d walk around with. This made for a slow process. But we had fun.

I was sorting through clothes sized 0-6 months. It was fun going through them and reminiscing how little you used to be. But some items looked pretty big, and so we also played dress-up. I tried items on you to see if they fit, and found quite a few that still fit you! Through this process you ended up in a goofy outfit of sweatpants and a dress, which I was trying on you when you walked off to find something else to do.

I heard you in the corner and went to see what you were doing, and you’d found two boards your dad had laid down for his work in the crawlspace. They weren’t exactly stacked perfectly on top of each other and so you were able to sort of bounce on top of the highest one. You were having so much fun in your goofy little outfit; you’re such a great helper, both as a clothes organizer and a builder.

Of course, tonight after the bins have been stored under the house, I spotted a little pink sandal peeking out from under the couch and found a pair of socks under the table. These were items for the 0-3 month bin that you apparently weren’t ready to see packed away yet!

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