Snowy Walks and Playtime

Today the sun came out and it was a beautiful day so we went for a long walk. You happily looked around, though at one point I flipped up the shade to adjust your hat and you were blinded by the sun, and made an unhappy squinting face at the sun. I’m not sure how we’re ever going to convince you to wear your sunglasses, but today would’ve been a great day for them. When we got home I suggested we play in the snow in the backyard. You had on a snowsuit that, unfortunately, is not meant for walking in; it doesn’t have any holes for your feet to protrude from. But, you wanted to walk. You kept trying to stand up and walk and kept falling over. I’d untucked your hands from the snowsuit so you could eat snacks during our walk, and your naked hands kept reaching for the snow. Your curiosity for the glistening white snow won over the cold sensation spreading over your hands. You and your dad built a snowman, and I tried to get a picture of you with ’13 months’ written in the snow (since I neglected taking one on your 13 month birthday).

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