Proud Owner of Two Bikes!

Strider bikes – little toddler bikes without pedals – seem to be all the rage in Boulder. They’re supposed to be great for teaching balance before introducing you to a normal bike. We’ve been talking about getting you one for a while, and a couple of weeks ago they were on sale so we ordered you one. We felt obligated to get a more gender-neutral color like yellow or red, but the bright pink one was too cute to resist. The bike arrived today and we’re so excited to get you on it. It says we can start you riding it at 18 months. First we need to get a helmet!

And after you perfect the Strider you have another bike waiting for you, a little red bike given to you today by our neighbors. Their son, Jake has ridden it for years, but now at age five he has outgrown it. It’s too funny that you got two bikes today!

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