Not So Fast

I was just recently thinking how happy I am that you’re stably walking now. It seems as though you bump and bonk yourself much less frequently than you have been over these last few months. From the moment you could stand you’ve been trying to stand AND move. And that led to lots of falls. I’ve been so happy that you’re so much more stable and the falls seem to be few and far between.

Until this evening when I realized that now that you’ve perfected walking you have moved on to climbing. I’ve seen you climb onto my nursing stool and then onto the rocking chair, but that’s pretty novice climbing. But this evening you mounted three routes that left me fearing for this next stage and had me Google-ing ‘infant helmets’ by nights end. First, you climbed up onto your wagon. It was next to the dining room table and chairs, so you then grabbed onto a chair, pulled yourself up a little bit, and then pulled yourself up on the table! After I removed you from the table and destroyed the wagon obstacle course you next moved onto the stools, where you reached up on your tip toes and grabbed the bar at the bottom of the backrest then pulled yourself up and attempted to get your feet on the bottom rung of the stool. I watched all of this in amazement but at this point finally snapped out of my trance and pulled you off the stool! I am amazed it didn’t fall over.

Next we were in your bedroom and I was cleaning up, and I looked and you were literally hanging on the top drawer of your dresser, which hadn’t been fully closes. Again, tragedy averted when the drawer didn’t come crashing out on you. This is craziness. Literally, craziness. I have no idea how to childproof the house against these sorts of activities. Tonight I wrote a note for the nanny in the ‘nanny notebook’ that read ‘Emma is climbing up on everything. Keep a CLOSE EYE ON HER AT ALL TIMES!!!!!’. Other than that, and the baby helmet, I don’t know what to do.

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