Let Your Hair Down

Your hair is getting pretty long. It’s possible to put it in one ponytail on top of your head, or two tiny ponytails in the back. Soon it will be so long that it will get in your face and eyes and (I would imagine) annoy you. You have lots of barrettes and clips and headbands that we could use to keep it out of your face. However you won’t keep them in. More often than not you feel me putting it in and immediately reach up and yank it out. On the rare occasion that I can somehow distract you right after I clip in the barrette and it stays in for a minute, it will only last until you see your reflection, upon which you’ll take it out.

A hair clip in your hair for more than a few seconds!

A hair clip in your hair for more than a few seconds!

Headbands never last for more than a minute or two, max. I don’t know what we’re going to do when your hair gets longer. Maybe when I can pull it into a ponytail behind your head you won’t be able to reach it to pull it out? Your nana and I have already had fun playing with your hair and trying out different hairdo’s. Your dad, however, displayed some perplexity recently about your growing hair, saying, “Should we trim it?”. Your nana couldn’t believe your dad suggested this; she’s been anxiously awaiting the day when your hair would be long enough to ‘do’.

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