Easter Egg Hunt Practice

Your nana has been so excited for you to come over to see their Easter decorations and so that she could give you your Easter basket. We headed over there this afternoon and upon arrival discovered they’d set up a little Easter egg hunt for you. You didn’t see them at first, but with some help from nana you spotted a couple. You grabbed one, then you grabbed the next with the other hand and walked around holding both of them. Nana tried to get you to put them into basket, but you weren’t interested. But next, you found another egg, and desperately wanted to hold it, too, but couldn’t get two into one hand. You struggled for a bit then eventually moved on. Later in the day you discovered the egg-filled (by nana) basket and had lots of fun swinging it higher and higher, and around and around, until all of the eggs dumped and fell out. Then you’d put them back in and begin again. Thankfully, they were plastic eggs.

The first egg!

The first egg!

Starting to like this

Starting to like this

Helping Nana make desert

Helping Nana make desert


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