Cannot Keep Up!

I just cannot keep up. My goal was to write a note to you every day for your first year, and in that I succeeded. I loved capturing what was going on in our life, and your latest developments and antics. And it served as a good outlet for me to process what I was going through as a new mother, and to attempt to slow, or at least consciously mark, the passage of time. As your birthday came and went, I decided to keep on writing. But I just can’t keep up. I am falling more and more behind. And this makes me tremendously sad.

I feel like with my inability to write every day comes a failure to catalogue the little things that make each day with you so special, and new, and surprising. I’m missing taking note of your climbing, signing, eating, first real shoes, play dates, coloring, babbling, storytime, outings, outgrowing clothes, sweetness, and lots of adventure. I’m going to try to keep up, but finally just have to be realistic in the fact that I just can’t do it every day.

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