Kid’s Sale: Part II

Your nana and I went back to the Boulder County Kid’s Sale today. We went to the sale last year and it was crazy. You were just a couple of months old, and we left you with your dad and papa. The sale is very popular and busy, and it takes a bare minimum of a couple of hours. Last year we didn’t know this, and your dad struggled with keeping you happy when you were wanting me to nurse you. This year we didn’t have those constraints and we better knew what to expect.

We came loaded with IKEA bags to hold our findings. We each had a list of the items we were looking for, and we spread out once inside the sale so we could cover more ground. We grabbed everything that looked even remotely like anything I’d want, and we sorted through it all later. I was on a big mission for shoes for you. Since you’re walking really well now, you’re needing shoes with harder soles; a lot of your moccasin-type shoes are no longer appropriate for you. But, you are growing so fast, it seems like you go through shoes quickly. And, kids shoes seem to be a rip off. I really wanted to get you at least one pair of tennis shoes. I lucked out, and got you two pairs! One pair should fit you now or very soon, and the other pair is in the next size up. I was so happy with my finds. They were both for Nike tennis shoes that looked brand new, and they were each $5. I got home and nana was so excited to try the shoes on you. She pulled them out and put one on you then reached for the other one. Then she realized that I’d bought two left shoes. The sale is hosted by the local twins group, so there was another pair of ‘right’ shoes in the sale. I’m hoping we can figure out how to find that bag of rights, but I’m not sure we ever will. That’s a lesson we’ll add to our repertoire for the next sale – check to make sure you have a left AND a right of all pairs of shoes.

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