Tiny Fairy

Casting a spell

Casting a spell

Today was the ‘Tulip Fairy and Elf Festival’ on Pearl Street. Although I’m not over-the-top into all things fairy and princess, and I don’t want you to be too into them either, I do think this is a fun festival celebrating the blooming of the pretty tulipes all along downtown. So we got you all dressed up in a tutu, wings, and wand and headed to Pearl Street. Nana and Papa accompanied us and we all had so much fun watching all of the dressed up little kids running around. You had so much fun. Not quite yet fully used to the sunny weather though, I managed to forget both a sunhat and sunblock. We found a street vendor selling hats and bought you one. And you didn’t try once to take it off! This is hopefully a good sign that we’ve found a hat that you like and will wear. A photographer kept following you and taking your picture; she must’ve taken over a couple dozen pictures. She eventually realized that she was starting to freak us out, and finally said to us that she’s with Downtown Boulder Association.
Checking out the tulips

Checking out the tulips

Tiny little fairy with upside-down wings

Tiny little fairy with upside-down wings

We made our way down the Mall and headed to the Med for dinner. You had lots of fun sitting on nana and papa’s laps, eating all sorts of food (calamari for the first time!), and watching all the couples come and go for the local prom. What a fun day we had!

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