You have grown into a very adept little climber. If the danger associated with mountain climbing didn’t freak me out, I’d be prone to say that someday you may be an amazing climber. You are so strong and agile, tiny but long-limbed; you have the body type of a teeny climber. The mountains you summit today are toy chairs, and cars, wooden and plastic boxes, couches and rockers. Just today you’ve set your sights on climbing onto the couch, and this is no small feat. You need something to stand on, and of course you discovered that your new wooden boxes give you the perfect boost. Then you stand on your toes, reeeeeaaaaachhhh onto the back of the couch, and with the abdominal strength of a superbaby, you pull your lower half onto the couch. It amazes me. It also freaks me out. I haven’t quite yet figured out how to childproof our house against your climbing. I don’t think it can be done.

Climbing onto the Exercauser

Climbing onto the Exercauser

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