Birthday with My Sweetpea

Today was my birthday and your 15-month doctor appointment. I took the day off and we spent the morning together, than headed to the doctor’s. Your appointment went well though you are starting to display some fussiness which they said is attributed to the fact that you’re starting to remember the office and people, and putting it together in your brain that the doctor isn’t always a fun time. But even with two shots you recovered relatively quickly. You are still teeny, weighting just 17.8 lbs; you weighed way less than your dad’s guess (19.5 lbs) and mine (18.13 lbs). You’re growing just fine though and your height and head size are about in the 50th percentiles still, while your weight is around the 5th. The doctor’s a little worried that you’re not saying any words yet, but I know you understand so much and are processing so much, you’re just working on how to say it all.

After the appointment we met up with nana and papa at home and they watched you for the afternoon while I got a massage and did some shopping. You fell asleep before I left and I was gone over three hours, and when I got home you were still asleep! I think nana and papa were a little disappointed they didn’t get to spend any time playing with you (though papa trimmed all my roses so that was great!). We all went out to a fun dinner at Jax and you enjoyed your first ‘color on the paper tablecloth’ experience.

Tonight as I rocked you to sleep I thanked God for you, the best gift I’ve ever received.

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