Kangaroo Climber

I bought you a little plastic play area with a slide attached. It’s a little like a house, with no roof. It has a door and three sides, then a slide coming out of the fourth slide. There are little areas where you can grab onto or get a foothold and climb up. You’ve been really enjoying playing on it, but haven’t been climbing on it too much. You have mastered how to get up on to the top ledge to slide down. You stand on your toes and reach forward, sticking your fingers in the slot between the ledge platform and the slide, then pulling yourself up with your arm and stomach muscles. Then you turn yourself around so that you can go down feet first, and you’ve amazingly never fallen off! You are so strong and coordinated.



Loving the Kangaroo Climber

Loving the Kangaroo Climber

Just slid down

Just slid down

Too cute not to post (featuring one of Emma's first ponytails)

Too cute not to post (featuring one of Emma’s first ponytails)

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