Kissing Boys

You are very into kissing. You used to give sloppy, open-mouth kisses, but now you deliver the perfectly appropriate, puckered lip type, accompanied by a little kiss sound. I’m not sure what you’re trying to convey with them, but you dole them out at interesting times: while reading a book before bed, during a the moment when you are relaxed and leaned into me and almost nodding off to sleep, all of a sudden you’ll sit up, lean forward, and kiss a bunny or dog in a book; in the morning after I nurse you, you sit up, point and wiggle at your rocking horse until I set you down, and you proceed to walk over and kiss him on the head; you kiss Moguly almost every time you can get your lips on him. Lately you really like skin-to-skin contact, and if my pant leg is up or my shirt has ridden up to display my belly, you’ll lean over and kiss the exposed skin. You are so sweet.

But maybe too sweet with the boys. In the last two days you’ve kissed two boys, on the lips. The first one did not like it, pushing you away then turning and crying. The second didn’t mind it so much. Either way, we need to encourage you to keep focusing your kisses on inanimate objects for the time being.

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