Pantless in the Backyard

You’ve had a bad diaper rash, probably the worst you’ve ever had. We’ve tried all different types of lotions and diapers, and nothing really seems to be doing the trick. Today I figured I’d try something I remember doing when you were little, letting you play around outside without pants on to air our the rash area. I’ve tried this before, but previously you were really little and mostly immobile. I didn’t think about the implications of you running around the yard naked, and sitting in the grass, and sand, without pants. Needless to say, you had to take a bath after your fun times outside, and that probably undid any healing that happened while you were outside.

Whenever you hear a plane (or when we say the word ‘plane’) you point up into the sky. In this picture you’re showing no shame about being pantless and happily pointing out the plane up above.

A pantless plane spotter

A pantless plane spotter

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